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The most exciting entertainment, restaurant, and retail experience ever!



PacAirVentures is a global leader in site specific adventure and entertainment, coupling globally patented and protected bodyflight tunnels with ancillary retail and restaurants to create an all-encompassing destination haven for consumers.


Each PacAirVentures location, called PAVA, is modularly flexible to accommodate local topography, laws and regulations, and most importantly, cultural and community differences. Centralized concept development and monitoring and support ensure the best in franchise-like operations regardless of location.


This unique combination of cutting edge retail with one of a kind entertainment experience is a proven high results attraction for consumers of all ages.



Current Projects:


PacAirVentures US WEST: Multiple locations across the Southwestern United States, including the world's only International Bodyflight College™ for global certification of bodyflight instructors and performance teams, as well as award-winning customer service and operational excellence.


PacAirVentures China: A way to invest in the booming China real estate market while benefiting from the high profits of unique customer-traffic drivers such as indoor skydiving, live music, screen entertainment experience and cultural activities. It is the ideal entertainment venue for China’s 1.3 billion citizens.


  • A Win/Win partnership between investors & operator, generating 40%+ EBITDA.
  • PAVA oversees management and architecture, construction, leasing, and operations.
  • Each location is its own legal entity which can be sold or combined for an IPO.
  • PAV brings its US talent to support international developments, including entertainment, know-how, training, multimedia, television, merchandise, technology and marketing.


Over 20 locations worldwide and growing.


Join PacAirVentures as we bring the excitement of PAVA to Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and launch additional sites in the Americas. For information see our Contact page.


Come Fly!  一起享受翱翔快感


PacAirVentures China:在加入蓬勃发展的中国房地产市场投资的同时,收获室内高空花样跳伞新体验和现场音乐,大屏幕表演和各种文化活动等高级前卫娱乐活动所带来的超高利润。这对中国的13亿人民来说会是一种全新概念的娱乐场所。

  • 投资方和营运方双赢的合作伙伴关系
  • PAVA监督和管理建设,运行和租赁的操作。
  • 每个开发点都是独立的法律实体可以单独售出或合并上市。
  • PAV以其在美专业团队帮助PAVA的操作,提供包括娱乐,培训, 多媒体,电视,商品,技术和市场营销等方面的支持。